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Sound Soak Meditation

  • Franciscan Manor Apartements 201 D St. San Rafael, CA 94901 USA (map)

I welcome you to an intimate sound healing meditation. Featuring a soundscape of etherial mantra, medicine songs, singing bowls, world, shamanic, and sound healing instruments -- with renditions of material from the upcoming album Altar 2019.

Held at my new home, there will be a few floor spaces for lying down, seated meditation, a couch, and several chairs. Bring what will make you comfortable, and warm layers for when the body temperature drops during deep rest.

SOUND MEDITATIONS AND SACRED SOUND JOURNEYS are a unique experience designed to safely guide you in connecting with your deepest self. Sound coupled with deep listening swiftly calms the mind, grounds the body — opening us to new possibilities of rest, resilience, and life vision. For centuries sacred sound journey have been used for healing and rejuvenation. Whether resting lying down or seated, vibrations resonate our bodies bringing our inner symphony of frequencies into harmony and attunement. Promotes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

RSVP : Limit 15 people.

Doors close 4:15P. Come early for your optimal set up.