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Florecimiento Medicine Music Concert

Shinan Visionary Arts Presents Florecimiento Medicine Music Concert

Join us for a flowering of Spring and an evening of songs and sound healing inspired by plant medicine. We gather together in community with four lovely musicians, each presenting short musical sets within our sonic journey. Please bring a cushion or blankets for sitting on the floor--- what will make you comfortable as the space is not carpeted.

Kent Osborn
Brian Canetsey
Malka Lew
Cypress Dubin

Pre-sale CONCERT TICKETS are live!



Brian Canatsey is a classically trained ceremonial violinist with several years of experience playing in sacred and plant medicine ceremonies. Having studied violin at UC Berkeley, Northwestern and with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Brian utilizes instruments from around the world to create soundscapes inspired by Middle Eastern sacred and meditation music. His passion lies in awakening the innate healing, creativity and divinity within ourselves.


Kent Osborn is a ceremony facilitator, musician, visionary painter, spiritual-travel guide, self-made anthropologist, and gentle giant who specializes in chanting and singing icaros that are informed by the seven plant dietas he has done in the Peruvean Amazon with the Shipibo tribe. Many find Kent to be a well-spring of creativity and able to inspire others and open up visionary states with his voice. He is also skilled at calling in protections, sharpening concentration, and lifting the vibration of participants in his ceremonies to help realize great joy, sense of humor, and spirit of celebration.

Music expereience: Kent is blessed to have had a mother who is a piano teacher and would play to him while in the womb and then in the crib in his infancy. His father is also a guitarist and song writer, and would make music with him at a young age. At the age to 7 Kent took piano lessons with his mother and then played clarinet in high school, and returned to connect with the piano in college and in his thirties. . He has been blessed to record some music with a variety of producers that highlight his skill to make a variety of styles: Check out his music on Soundcloud at Kent Ucky

Medicine Experience. Starting at the age of 14 Kent started to work with mushrooms and took very large doses until the age of 18. He then scaled back his doses and used this medicine in nature to deeply connect with plants in Oregon, and his first songs started to reveal themselves in his late 20s. At the age of 30 Kent went to Peru and worked deeply with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and many other plants. He has dieted over 20 master plants and they continue to play a role in his music and visual artwork.