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Yoga Therapy for Spine Care & Joint Health

Join me for this special training Yoga Therapy for Spine Care & Joint Health with Loren Fishman MD, Feb 19/20 2016 at Pure Yoga. I'll be teaching with my mentor and colleague Dr. Loren Fishman, who will share his pioneering, prize-winning research on how yoga heals medical conditions. We'll cover asana and explanations for the seven major causes of back pain, spinal and bone issues, shoulder pain, joints, and more. I'll be teaching two Therapeutic Yoga Classes to explore and experientially integrate this powerful work into your body and teaching repertoire.

Weekend Yoga Therapy Course Includes:

- Yoga Therapy for Back Pain: Overview, Neurological Conditions, and Muscoskeletal Conditions
- Yoga Therapy for the Joints
- Yoga Therapy Practice Teaching Sessions