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Sound Meditation at Franciscan Manor

  • San Rafael United States (map)

I welcome you to an intimate sound healing meditation. Featuring a soundscape of etherial mantra, medicine songs, singing bowls, world, shamanic, and sound healing instruments-- with live renditions of material from the upcoming album Altar.

Sound Meditations are designed to safely guide us in connecting with our deepest self. Sound coupled with engaged listening swiftly calms the mind and grounds the body. This is a beautiful restorative practice that induces deep states of relaxation and circulates blocked energy. Using the principles of entrainment (the brain's natural tendency to mirror auditory frequencies) and resonance (sound's ability to align energy in the body) —overtone-emitting instruments and voice stimulate alpha and theta brain waves. Whether lying down or comfortably seated, vibrations resonate our bodies and bring us into harmony. Sound immersion is a powerful form of meditation— opening us to new possibilities of rest, resilience, and life vision.

Limit to 14 people. Advanced tickets recommended.