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Sound // Sing // Surrender

  • SOHO LOFT New York (map)

Join us for a special evening of yoga-inspired sound, designed to get you in touch with the true spirit of the holidays. The healing vibrations of sound and music have the power to uplift and reset body and mind, calm frayed nerves, and restore balance inside and out. 

In this experiential two-hour workshop, we will explore the power of sound and the healing instrument we were all born with: our voices!  Using mantra, chant, rhythm and improvised sound exploration, we'll harness our own capacity to create balance and self-healing -- while having FUN!  In the second half of the workshop, you're invited to get comfortable and sink into a practice of deep listening, as Jessica and Cypress weave a harmony-laden soundscape that will leave you refreshed, relaxed and more open to receive the gifts around you.

In this workshop, you will:

- Dive into the playful, creative and meditative aspects of sound and vocal exploration
- Harness your self-expression and self-knowledge by connecting with your voice
- Cultivate deep listening, and learn how this can catalyze your creative instinct
- Tap into the power of community through group sound exploration, vocal-play and chant
- Sink into the beauty of restorative yoga with sound healing including Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and angelic vocal harmonies
- Calm the nervous system and reset yourself for the holiday!
- A special Altar Design creation by Cypress!