cypress dubin

Vocal Artist. Sound Healer. Yoga Educator. Sacred Space Designer

Cypress has studied music and the mystic arts for more than 25yrs. Her work invites us into presence and practice through sound meditation, yoga, ritual healing arts, and music as medicine— a fusion of ancient technologies with modern modalities. Her new album Altar releases 2019 featuring signature ethereal vocals with mantra, medicine songs, Himalayan singing bowls, world, and shamanic instruments.

An accomplished singer, graduate of the music program at Barnard College Columbia University and SAG-AFTRA member, she holds credits in major motion pictures such as Home Alone. A professional singer and performer since her teens, as well as 20 yrs working in New York City with numerous artists and bands.

Cypress is a Yoga Alliance Certified 500 RYT with over two decades of practice. She integrates traditional and therapeutic approaches, sound meditation, chant, yoga, back care, posture, restorative, and nature-based traditions. Conscious dance, Rajanaka and classical Tantra also inform her practice. From 2004 to 2006 she studied and taught in Europe, India and Southeast Asia.

Cypress currently also leads HappyMind corporate programs for Stress Reduction and Sound Meditation.

Her work has been featured at Western Union Digital, Pure Yoga, NYTimes Style Magazine, Serenity Festival, Om Rising Festival, PeaceVillage Festival, Bhakti Village, Yoga Tree, St Johns Church, Rajanaka Mantra with Brad Roberts (Crash Test Dummies), BB Kings NYCReno International Jazz Festival, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 with the Santa Cruz Symphony, Crushing Music, and Holistic Health Learning Center San Francisco State University.

Cypress also educates on posture, back care, improved function, injury prevention, and pain management integrating understandings from alternative and conventional medicine. Her personal journey over the past two decades exploring traditional and therapeutic approaches to healing acute and chronic back pain, and herniations starting at age 19. Her work also draws from the Feldenkrais Method, physical therapy, yoga therapy, somatic movement, and extensive study with Yoga Union Backcare and Scoliosis Center, and Loren Fishman M.D. (Dr Fishman Method: Yoga for Back Pain and Osteoporosis.) She also worked with Dr Fishman providing private sessions for his patients at Manhattan Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2015. She assisted the Yoga for Back Pain Keynote at IAYT's Symposium for Yoga Therapy & Research (SYTAR) 2015, and Dr Fishman and Cypress have co-taught back care trainings at Pure Yoga.

Cypress is passionate about experiences that connect us to Nature. She designs sacred space and altars, sourced and foraged when possible from the surrounding landscape. Formative experiences into nature-based traditions began at age 17, with her first vision quest. Then Sierra Institute’s wilderness semester studying philosophy, nature, and religion while backpacking though Death Valley, Yola Bollies and Sierra Nevadas. Indigenous earth-based and shamanistic practices over last decade have offered a profound path for insight, music as medicine, and community.

Cypress works with leading organizations and start-ups, including The Museum of Modern Art, Western Union Digital, BhaktiFestYogiTunesYamaTalent, Plush NYC, Peace Village Festival, Think Brand New, Sightful.




“Her music is mesmerizingly enchanting and uniquely depth-filled.” ~Lloyd Bard

"Cypress has a beautiful voice and an incredible spirit.  Her song takes you to another world. " ~ Daniel

"Cypress' class is magical.  She guides you through a journey of mantras, and precise asana positions with intelligent vinyasa transitions.  She bathes you with her golden voice and singing bowls.  When I reawaken, I always leave her class lighter, richer, and satisfied. " ~ Mike Lin M.D.

"The vibrations from Cypress playing her Tibetian singing bowl accompanied by her angelic voice is pure release! Heart opening!" ~ Christina

“Listening to your thrilling yet liltingly, soothing voice, you create an environment for the audience and deliver musical wonders —medicine. Alchemy of not just sound, but your sound, to elevate the spirit and relax the body and mind. What I didn’t expect was the profound level of deep relaxation, the utter interior calm. I had my best night’s sleep in a month that evening!”

"Cypress Dubin's yoga sessions bring about a sense of calm to my life at its most stressful junctures. She has the unique ability to challenge, encourage and enlighten simultaneously, a gift that is especially important when working with beginners like myself. Trust me, for as wound up as I am, if Cypress can make a yoga lover out of me, she can do it for you too!" ~ Dan

“ The sound healing session was nothing short of magical!” ~ Chitra, Western Union

"Cypress has many out-of-the-ordinary talents, but perhaps her greatest, most amazing talent is that she brings ALL of them, all her skills and abilities, and all her extraordinary creativity and presence to everything she does. Her singing and her yoga are present in who she is and what she does, even when she is not singing or doing yoga. This makes her an incredibly talented team member and project manager for any enterprise or activity. I recommend her highly, without reservation. Everything she touches sings and stretches." ~ Ken Cloke: Mediator, Arbitrator, Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant and Contractor

“Restorative yoga with Cypress is nothing short of a catharsis. Her divinely inspired singing and the warm, soothing candle-lit ambiance etches a milestone along the path toward inner peace.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the deep relaxation and exquisite holding! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” ~Kat steel

"Cypress is an astute niche market project developer, helping interesting young companies get off of the ground. She has done a great job for me in the years we've worked together. She is highly organized, imaginative, independent and follows through. 
Cypress is also a gifted singer, with exceptional improvisatory skills. Both live and in the studio, her unique voice is unmistakably Cypress. The instruction "give me some Cypress" has become a slang term meaning, "I want to hear you sing your heart out." 
~ Brad Roberts : Crash Test Dummies

“ The meditation session with vibrations and sound was like going to a spa, refreshing!” ~ Veronica