Cypress designs sacred space, altars, and landscaping art for events, studios, private clients, and festivals. Her designs invite us into a meditative state of beauty and connectivity. Inspired by nature, materials are often foraged from on-site surroundings or sourced to reflect the aesthetic of the project, and complemented by sacred and medicine objects.

To approach an altar, is to approach one's inner self. Altars are a place of reflection, invocation, grounding, and self care. They are a vehicle to connect to Source and the great Mystery. They guide us to clarify intention, amplify healing, and accelerate the merging of spirit and matter.

Her signature 360 degree large-scale altars are stunning and distinct. Use of texture, pattern, interlocking natural structures, light/shadow, and "micro-environments" create dynamism and beauty. Free-standing designs often incorporate a focal-point arch of interlocking branches. Observed from various vantage points, one can participate in an experience of reflection mirrored in the "microcosmic" environments embedded within these altars.  They are an invitation to journey into the myriad worlds contained within us.

Wabi-sabi, ceremonial rituals, permaculture, and functional beauty also influence her art.